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Line Transformer

Jensen Line Transformers ~ 1980s Custom Wound


line driver card with 990 discrete opamp and 1:1 600 ohm output transformer


Astatic LT-6 line matching transformer for vintage microphone mike NR


Vintage Tesla 600 ohm line output transformer (Jensen, UTC replacement)


Shure Unisphere 1 Model 565SD & Line Matching Transformer A95FP Made in USA


Shure A97F Line Matching Transformer


Single University Sound Model TL-600 600 Ohm Audio Line Transformer 3 Available


Shure A95U Line Matching Transformer


ADM Preamp Pair Vintage Microphone Line Amps Transformer I/O


SIX pack of Jensen JE-6110K-B Transformers USED - Line Bridging Step Down 4:1


Vintage Electro-Voice model 502 Line Transformer Microphone Tested AS IS #2


1 ADC microphone line splitter transformer 150 ohm or 600 ohm, one IN, three OUT


Whirlwind ISOXL Line Isolation Transformer XLR Reduce Ground Hum Buzz Noise Lift


Bozak Audio line transformer CMT-100A


Vintage Electro Voice Line Matching Transformer Model 502C Made in USA


Peavey Line Transformer XLR Female to 1/4" Mono Male NEW Free Shipping


Pig Hog Line Transformer XLR Female to 1/4" Mono Male Converter Lo-Z to Hi-Z NEW


DBX 286, Modified, with Opamp T-25 Line Transformer, Mic Processor, Vintage Rack


Stancor A-8081 Audio line Transformer Rack Panel


Whirlwind ISOXL Line-Level Isolation Transformer, 3-Pin XLR Male/Female


Neve Vintage 33416 Line Amp 440 Amp 31267 and 1173 Transformers


Line Transformer XLR Female to 1/4" Mono Male Converter Lo-Z to Hi-Z (1 item)


Pair vintage Telefunken NFLÜ 325 600ohm line transformers Heavy iron: 2lbs each!


Electro Voice Line Matching Transformer 502CP EV


Permalloy Lomo 600 ohm 1.6K line output transformer Carnhill Cinemag replacement


Shure Model 315 Ribbon Microphone with Line Matching Transformer


Used UTC O-10 30K:50-200-250-500-600 Ouncer Push-Pull Plate-Line Transformer. IT


Shure A95A Line Matching Transformer




Electro-Voice EV TM60 Speaker Line Matching Transformer 60-7.5Watt 25/75V 8-16Ω


Shure A95A Line Matching Transformer


TOA L-41S Line Matching Input Module, 600 Ohms Transformer, Balanced


Vintage SHURE U95AF Line Matching Transformer, Low z-Hi z


LUXMAN MAG-1 Line transformer AC100V USED Free Shipping (d126


Studer AEG 2Ch Line Amplifier Transformer Balanced In & Out Euro-Card