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Scientist Mendeleev. Sculpture Bust Figurine. The USSR 1953.


Pin Badge. Scientist Mendeleev. The USSR.




415201 MENDELEEV Great Russian SCIENTIST chemist Vintage PHOTO


271807 USSR scientist MENDELEEV Russian chemist 1962 year


Dmitri Mendeleev Scientist Chemist Periodic Law Table Antique Russian postcard


035015 MENDELEEV Russian SCIENTIST chemist Old PC


Bronze Brass Bust Dmitri Mendeleev Russian Chemist Periodic Table of Elements


153534 OCEANIA Papua New Guinea Maclay Coast SHIP MENDELEEV


181503 chemist Dmitri Mendeleev old postcard


250542 USSR Neprintsev MENDELEEV Russian chemist 1947 year PC


289622 MENDELEEV Russian chemist by MENDELEEVA Vintage Mezhrabpom postcard


Vintage Coin 1 Ruble Rouble 1984 Mendeleev USSR Soviet A


new vintage poster periodic table of elements Mendeleev chemistry school lab


3118144 MENDELEEV Russian SCIENTIST chemist Vintage PHOTO RARE


Chemistry Mendeleev Table Poster Study Guide Vintage USSR School 1966


170264 MENDELEEV Russian chemist Vintage MEZHRABPOMA RARE PC


270803 MENDELEEV Great Russian SCIENTIST chemist Vintage PHOTO


225810 RUSSIA MENDELEEV Ed. Mezhrabpoma Tir.25t old postcard


286486 MENDELEEV Russian chemist Vintage FOR monument


286559 MENDELEEV Russian chemist Vintage FOR monument RARE


261201 MENDELEEV Russian chemist Vintage CHARITY On monument


3130205 MENDELEEV Russian SCIENTIST chemist Vintage RARE PHOTO


117690 MENDELEEV Russian Chemist Vintage POSTER 1932 USSR RARE


285114 WWII USSR Repin portrait chemist Mendeleev 1944 year


263941 USSR Leningrad Institute Technology At Mendeleev Corps 1954


231232 RUSSIA chemist & inventor Dmitri Mendeleev old POSTER


Mendeleev Badge All-Union Chemical Society


1953 Periodic Table of Elements Dmitri Mendeleev Russian Book Nuclear Chemistry


mendeleev poster USSR vintage school Portrait scientists Tsiolkovsky Landau


Soviet magazine 1934 "In battle for technology" Tsiolkovsky Mendeleev Tupolev


Dmitri Mendeleev Russian Chemist Fab Card Collection


New elements in periodic table of D.I. Mendeleev. Russian book Vintage chemistry


1950 All-Union Chemical Society aft Mendeleev Chemistry LMD Russian badge Russia


Soviet Chemical Society of Mendeleev. Rare soviet badge.