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chinese old boxwood hand carved Buddha sit under the tree statue decoration


Antique or Vintage Carved Japanese Dragon Netsuke Signed


Antique Carved Boxwood Lamp Finial Japanese Meiji Insect Inro SPIDER Bamboo OLD


Japanese Sagemono Inro Netsuke Box Wood Carved Cat Medicine tobacco Box




Netsuke Old Production 1950's Soapstone Budah - 9.5" - Excellent Condition


Antique Japanese Wood "Kiseru" Tobacco Pipe, Caddy, Netsuke "Inrō" Tobacco Pouch


Netsuke Old Production 1950's Soapstone Budah - Excellent Condition 1-3


Netsuke Old Production 1950's Soapstone Elephant - Excellent Condition 1-4


NW92 Japanese Antique wooden shell shape Netsuke nuts bowl #sword inro ojime


Vintage Chinese Japanese Cat Kitty Resin Figurine NETSUKE NEW 1.75"


NW91 Japanese Antiques small boxwood boat shape Netsuke #ojime inro Japan


Set of 2 Japanese Bamboo Panda Keychain Phone Bell Charm Netsuke, Made in Japan


NW90 Japanese wooden & Deerbone boxwood Kuzuya Netsuke #Tsuba sword inro ojime


vintage,taqua nut,?,SIGNED netsuke,VERY UNUSUAL DESIGN,organic looking


Q4269 - 2" Hand Carved Japanese Boxwood Netsuke : Oriental Style


OJM58 Japanese Antique Flower pattern ojime # sword Netsuke kimono tsuba


NW77 Japanese Yokai Ookamuro & Man Netsuke w/pedestal # Tsuba sword ojime


Vintage Japanese Boxwood Netsuke Mouse on Broom Okimono


Pokemon Sun & Moon Netsuke P2 Mascot Strap Mini-Figure - Jigglypuff


OJM63 Japanese Antique small Brass ojime # Netsuke inro tsuba sword kimono


NT16 Japanese Antique Edo Miniature Matchlock shape gun teppo Netsuke hinawaju


OJM51 Japanese Antique Iron both faces ojime #Netsuke kimono inro daikoku


NT15 Japan antique small Miniature Matchlock shape gun hinawaju Teppo Netsuke


Vintage Japanese Celluloid Hand Carved Clam Shell Village,Netsuke Style Art


NT17 Japanese Large Miniature Matchlock shape hinawaju Netsuke #teppo gun


OJM74 Japanese-style accessories obidome wooden & coral signed #kimono Ojime


2 Vintage Japanese Netsuke Carved Figurines -Standing Figure is Signed has holes


Vintage 1979 Orangutan Figurine by Lamupo Netsuke in Case = Creative World


NW81 Japanese Antiques small boxwood Kuzuya shell shape Netsuke hermit house


Gold Lacquer Seal Case (Makie Inro) Southern Barbarian with Manji Netsuke Japan