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Pioneer Sx 838

Vtg 70's Pioneer SX-838 Stereo Receiver


Pioneer SX Protection Board Rebuild Receiver Recap Kit 737 838 939 1010 850 950


Pioneer SX-737 SX-838 SX-850 SX-950 Phono Rebuild Kit AWF-011 Receiver Recap set


Pioneer SX-838-----Parts Kit for Premium Restoration---With Phone Consultation


Pioneer SX-838 Stereo Receiver Looks and Sounds Great


Pioneer SX-737 SX-838 SA-9100 Protection Assembly AWM-025-C


Pioneer SX-838 Stereo Receiver Owners Manual


Pioneer SX-636 SX-838 rebuild restoration recap service kit fix repair capacitor




Pioneer SX-838 Power Transformer ATT-168


Pioneer SX-838 Microphone AMP Assembly AWM-064


Pioneer SX-838 Dial Scale AAG-075


lamp kit fits pioneer s x 838 939 1010 blue in 1010


Vintage Pioneer SX-838 /SX-939/ QX-949 receiver new protection relay


(1) Pioneer SX-838 Stereo Receiver Power Transformer ATT-168


Pioneer SX-838 Power Supply & Protection Recap Kit Capacitor Upgrade Rebuild Set


Pioneer SX 838 Service Manual


Pioneer SX-1010 SX-939 SX-737 SX-838 SX-636 Knob Function AAB-068 QTY 6 Lot F12


2 New 12000 uf 80v Cornell Dubilier Capacitors for Pioneer SX-838 EXACT FIT 50mm


Pioneer SX-838 Bottom Plate ANE-057


Pioneer SX-1010 SX-939 SX-838 SX-737 Relay ASR-002


New Relay for Pioneer SX-727 SX-828 SX-737 SX-838 Receiver with Instructions


Pioneer SX-1010 SX-939 SX-737 SX-838 SX-636 SX-535 SX-434 Knob Function AAB-068


Pioneer SX-1010 SX-737 SX-838 SX-939 SA-8500 Sa-9100 Flip Knob AAD-040


Pioneer SX-1080 SX-950 SX-838 SX-737 SX-850 SX-636 Bass/Treble Control ACV-136


Pioneer SX-737 SX-850 SX-950 SX-838 Head AMP Assembly AWF-011


Pioneer SX-737 SX-838 Rotary Record Selector Switch ASD-017


Pioneer SX-838 SX-1010 SX-939 Push Button Speaker A,B C Switch AAD-064


Pioneer SX-838 SX-1010 SX-939 Push Button (Function Switch) AAD-066


Pioneer SX-838 Switch Assembly (FM/AM/PHONO/AUX/MIC) AWS-073


Vintage Pioneer SX 838 Power Transformer ATT-172 / Working


Pioneer SX-838 LeverSwitch (Turnover Low) ASK-071


Pioneer SX-737 SX-880 SX-850 SX-838 SX-3900 Power Switch ASK-066


Pioneer SX-939 SX737 SX-838 SX-636 SX-535 QX-747 Loopstick Bar Antenna ATB-026


Pioneer SX-750 SX-1010 SX-939 SX-535 SX-650 SX-838 Control Balance ACV-135


Pioneer SX-1010 SX-939 SX-838 Lamp Board ASSY (With Fuse Lamps!!) AWX-069


Pioneer SX-838 SX-1010 SX-939 Push Button Low & High Cut & -20DB Switch AAD-065


Pioneer SX-838 LeverSwitch (Turnover High) ASK-069


Pioneer SX-1050 SX-1250 SX-1010 SX-939 SX-950 SX-838 Speaker Terminal AKE-014


Pioneer SX-838 SX-939 SX-9930 Dial Pointer Lamp Wire Supporter AEC-084


(100) COOL BLUE LED 8V FUSE LAMP-SX-1010 SX-838 SX-828 SX-737 Pioneer DIAL/METER